How Do You Make a Napkin Flower?

To make a napkin into the shape of a flower, take a square napkin and fold the corners into the center several times. Then, turn the napkin over and pull the corners out, using a few fingers to press down on the center of the napkin.

  1. Fold the corners

    Carefully fold the each corner of the napkin towards the center. Lightly press along each crease that you have made.

  2. Fold the corners again

    With one hand, hold one side of the napkin while you fold each corner towards the center again. Create light creases along the edges, making sure that the tips of the corners are touching each other in the center of the napkin.

  3. Form the flower-shaped napkin

    Place one palm over the folded corners, then quickly turn the napkin over, and place it on a flat surface. Press down on the center of the napkin with a few fingers to hold the napkin in place while you pull out the corners. Gently pull the points of the corners out, making sure to pull them out and up so that each petal has a bowl shape. Roll the edges to give the flower its shape, and fluff out the layers to give the flower-shaped napkin some volume.