How Do You Make a Moving to-Do List?


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A moving to-do list is broken down into seven time-based categories that make the moving process organized. These categories each list tasks that are to be completed during that time frame. To make a moving to-do list, label the first phase Two Months Before. This section includes basic preparations for moving, such as sorting items into keep, giveaway and trash piles.

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Label the next phase Six Weeks Before. Write down tasks such as ordering moving supplies and consuming perishable foods. Label the third phase One Month Before. During this phase of the moving to-do list, confirm movers, notify the post office of change of address and begin packing. Declare item value, and mark boxes as they are packed.

Label the next phase Two Weeks Before. This section includes securing a day off from work and confirming plans with the moving company. Next, label the sixth phase One Week Before. This part of the moving to-do list is the area to pack suitcases with clothes, prescriptions and other important items. The suitcases are to be loaded last and unpacked first at a new location.

Next, label the next phase A Few Days Before. List plans to pay the moving company and defrost the freezer. Label the final phase Moving Day. Verify that the moving company that arrives is the correct company and that it is charging the correct price. Before signing final papers, take inventory of moved items and make sure they are present and intact.

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