How Do You Make a Mouse Glue Board?

Making a mouse glue board is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few minutes with the proper materials. In order to make your own mouse glue board, you will need a shoebox, some glue, scissors, liquid soap and a knife.

  1. Cut two holes in the shoebox

    Using your scissors, cut two medium-sized holes into the box. They should be large enough for mice to easily enter. This helps attract mice to the trap. Cutting two holes also helps ensure that the entrance does not become blocked.

  2. Coat the knife with the liquid soap

    Put a thin layer of liquid soap on the knife. This allows you to use the knife to spread the glue of your choice on the shoebox. Make sure the soap is not too thick on the knife, or it may be difficult to effectively spread the glue.

  3. Spread the glue on the bottom of the box

    Scoop some of the glue onto the knife and spread it onto the floor of the shoebox. The glue needs to be thick, because mice are able to escape from glue traps with thin layers of glue. Once the box has a thick layer, close it and leave it out to trap mice.