How Do You Make a Mosaic Tile Pattern?


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To make a tile mosaic, clean the surface, draw a sketch of the pattern on the surface, break the tiles into unevenly sized pieces with a hammer, and use a tile nibbler to make uniform pieces of tile for the border. Spread a small amount of adhesive on the back of the desired piece of tile, and set it in place on the pattern. Allow the adhesive to cure, and apply grout to the mosaic.

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When making a mosaic tile pattern on plywood or other smooth surfaces, use a utility knife to score the surface in a grid pattern, and apply a water and glue mixture to the surface. Wait until the glue mixture dries to apply the tile. Practice making the pattern before gluing the tiles to the surface, and work quickly after applying the adhesive.

To easily draw the pattern on the surface, print the pattern out in the desired size, and trace it onto the surface. Another option to create the pattern is to place the tiles upside-down on a gummed paper. After all the tiles are in place, apply a layer of adhesive to the surface. Quickly flip the paper over, and press the tiles into the adhesive. Remove the paper after the adhesive cures.

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