How Do You Make Miniature Cobblestones?


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Miniature cobblestones make miniature scenes look more realistic and attractive. These are not made of actual stones but of foam (shaped and painted to resemble stones).

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  1. Gather the required materials

    You'll need sufficient foam to cover the desired area, paints in the target cobblestone colors and several brushes.

  2. Add texture to the foam

    Press the foam into a surface that has a stone-like texture, such as concrete.

  3. Cut the foam to size

    Measure the area that the cobblestones will cover. Use an X-Acto knife or very sharp scissors to cut the foam.

  4. Imprint the cobble pattern

    The tool you use to make the cobble pattern depends on the desired look. For larger, uneven stones, use the dull point of a pencil, drawing the pattern several times to create the crevices. For smaller, even stones, use a stamp, such as a pen lid or the end of a small container, to create the repeating pattern.

  5. Paint the base

    Mix a base color, which is the darkest color for your stones. Paint over the entire foam piece, ensuring the color gets into the crevices.

  6. Paint the lighter colors

    Use progressively lighter colors to add depth to the cobblestones. Use a progressively drier brush until the lightest color is just getting added in minimal spots. If necessary, go back with a dry brush and a darker color to tone down the highlights.

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