How Do You Make a Microwave Heating Pad?


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To make a microwavable heating pad, select a fabric, cut it to a desired length, sew two sides together, add the filler and sew shut the opening. Specific sizes of fabric are more appropriate for certain areas of the body. Larger strips of fabric work better for back and lap pads, while smaller ones are more suited for necks and other body parts.

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Before committing to a size of heating pad, first measure the interior of the microwave to gain a better understanding of what can fit. Next, gather your materials. You need a sewing machine, fabric, scissors and filler. The filler must be something that can hold heat without burning or catching fire, such as rice, buckwheat or dried cherry pits.

After selecting the fabric, cut it to a length of choice. Shape also can vary, although a rectangle is common. Once the fabric is cut, fold it in half lengthwise before sewing together two sides. The seam should be about one-fourth of an inch. Next, add the rice or filler of choice. Be careful not to overfill the pad, as flexibility is necessary for optimal use. You can also pour a few drops of scented oil on the rice for a refreshing smell when heated. Finally, sew shut the remaining opening to complete the microwavable heating pad.

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