How Do You Make Log Furniture?

How Do You Make Log Furniture?

To make log furniture, cut the logs down to the dimensions described in a woodworking plan, and scrape off the bark with a drawknife. Nail each piece together, and sand and varnish the project to finish.

  1. Select a project

    Decide which type of furniture you would like to build, and find a plan to use.

  2. Cut the logs

    Use a table saw to cut the logs down to the dimensions given in the plan, or use the dimensions of the area where you plan to place the piece as a guide.

  3. Remove the bark

    Use a peeling spud to remove the majority of the bark from each log, and finish with a drawknife.

  4. Put the pieces together

    Attach each piece with a hammer and nails. Use the log furniture plan as a guide, but build from the base up.

  5. Level the item

    Ensure the furniture piece is level on the ground, and make additional cuts accordingly.

  6. Sand the item

    Run a 100-grit sanding sponge over the surface of the piece to create a smooth surface. Use a smaller sanding pad of the same grit on hard-to-reach areas.

  7. Varnish the piece

    Use a paintbrush to apply an oil-based varnish to the surface of the wood. Consult the instructions from the manufacturer for drying times, and apply a second coat if necessary.