How Do You Make a Log Bed?

How Do You Make a Log Bed?

A log bed is a unique piece that is perfect for a rustic-themed bedroom. Log beds can be expensive to purchase, but you can make one relatively inexpensively. Items needed to build a log bed include logs, a saw, measuring tape, a drill, eye hooks, steel cables and wooden screws.

  1. Select pieces of wood

    Four large and four small logs of wood are needed. The large pieces need to measure 4 to 6 inches in diameter. The small pieces should measure 2 inches in diameter.

  2. Prepare the wood

    Depending on the condition of the selected wood, a little work may need to be done to get the wood ready. The wood needs to be dried and cleaned of any bark.

  3. Cut the wood to size for the rails of the bed

    The larger logs are used for the rails on the length of the bed, and the smaller logs are used for the width. These pieces need to be cut the desired measurements of the bed plus 2 1/2 inches.

  4. Mark and bore the rails for positioning

    Measure out spots on the rails to bore out 1/2-inch holes that will be used for positioning the rails. These spots are found by taking the length of the bed, subtracting 5 inches, and dividing by three. Measure out this amount and mark where the holes need to be made.

  5. Build the bed

    Use wood glue inside the borrowed out holes before positioning the rails in place. Cables and eye hooks can be used to hold the bed in place, while wooden screws are used to sturdy the bed.