How Do You Make a Loft Bed?

Build a loft bed by taking proper measurements and gathering enough material. Next, make the frame, the support columns and a base. Finally, build the steps and the railing.

  1. Take proper measurements

    Measure the mattress, and add a couple inches to each side as well as 2 feet to the length.

  2. Build the frame

    Begin your top frame by attaching a 2x4 to the back wall and another to the side with bolts. Use pan-head screws to attach an additional front and side board. Next, build the column supports on the platform.

  3. Finish the platform

    Use metal connectors to support the top deck. Make sure to space them out by at least 12 inches. Cut your plywood into the correct size, and fix it into the platform with deck screws. Add a sheet of birch underneath. Next, use a piece of oriented strand board to close in the end beneath the bed. Attach it to the back wall and support column.

  4. Build the steps

    Cut more pieces of strand board to build the steps, and fix them to the 2x4. You may leave the bottom step open for storage use. Finally, create the safety railing with poplar. Prime the loft, and paint it, if desired.