How Do You Make a Light Bulb?


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To make a light bulb at home, put two pieces of copper wire through a cork stopper lid into a jar and twist iron wire around the copper wire. Then attach the copper wire pieces to a six-volt battery for an instant light bulb.

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To do this project, 3 feet of copper wire, thin iron wire, a 1-inch nail, wire strippers, wire cutters, a glass jar with a cork stopper lid and a six-volt battery are necessary. The copper wire must be cut in half, and an inch of shielding must be removed from all exposed ends. The nail must be pushed through the lid to make room for the copper wire.

Two inches of each piece of copper wire should be pushed through the holes, leaving the ends free. Once that is done, several pieces of iron wire should be twisted together. The pieces of copper wire pushed through the lid should be wrapped around the iron wire pieces so that both touch the iron. The lid, with the copper and iron wires, should be put in place on the glass jar. Then the ends of the wire should be carefully held to the nubs of the six-volt battery.

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