How Do You Make a Lazy Susan?

To make a Lazy Susan, draw a small and large circle on plywood, cut out the circles, attach a bearing assembly, drill holes and connect the circles with screws. You will need two 3/4-inch thick plywood squares, a vise, wood edge banding, a bearing assembly, a drill, an iron and a jigsaw to complete this project.

  1. Draw an outline

    Draw a 15-inch circle on one of the 3/4-inch plywood squares. Draw a 7-inch circle on the second plywood square. Measure to ensure that the diameters are correct.

  2. Cut out the circles

    Use a jigsaw to cut out the drawn circles. Place the circles in a vise. Use an iron to apply wood edge banding around the circle edges. Trim the bands to get rid of excess seam.

  3. Install a bearing assembly

    Apply a bearing assembly on the center of the small circle, and use pan-head screws to install it.

  4. Drill a hole

    Rotate the detached portion of the bearing assembly 1/4 turn, and mark a hole through the wood for drilling. Drill a 1/2-inch hole through the small circle.

  5. Position the big circle

    Place the large circle on a surface. Make sure the base is facing up and centered on the big circle.

  6. Position the small circle

    Line the small circle to ensure the drilled hole aligns with a mounting hole of the bearing assembly. Screw a bearing plate under the large circle. Rotate the base and insert the remaining screws.