How Do You Make Your Lawn Greener?


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Some tips for getting a greener lawn include managing the grass’s height, applying fertilizer and quickly dealing with brown patches. Additionally, deep watering will promote deep root growth, and using a lawn mower with sharp blades can enhance the lawn’s appearance.

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Long grass blades will allow the roots to grow deeper. This is because the roots will stop consuming energy to promote upward growth and instead will focus on downward root growth. As such, no more than one-third of the grass blade should be removed when mowing the lawn, as this will stress the grass and cause it to turn brown.

Grass fertilizer can be used at anytime in order to promote growth. The fertilizer should be spread evenly to avoid burning the existing grass. If the lawn has bare brown spots, this is due to fungal growth that is usually linked to excessive watering. Closely monitor these areas during watering to ensure water is not pooling on these spots. If this does not work, grass fungicides may be applied.

When the lawn is mowed, grass naturally goes under stress as it tries to repair itself. Mowing the lawn with sharp blades will ensure that grass recovers quickly, enhancing the appearance of the lawn.

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