How Do You Make Laundry Soap at Home?


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To make a homemade laundry soap, dissolve a grated zero percent superfatted bar soap into boiling water, dissolve borax and baking soda into the boiling mixture, and further dissolve the mixture into more hot water. It takes 45 minutes to complete this project.

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To make this soap, you need one 5-pound, zero percent superfatted bar soap, 1 cup borax, a cup of washing soda, a manual grater and a stove. You also need two pots, a large container, a stirring rod and water. Then grate the bar soap to fine particles with the manual grater. Using the stove, boil 1 quart of the water in one of the pots, and put the grated soap to the water. Stir the mixture while adding the soap.

Once all the soap is added to the water, reduce the heat, and allow the mixture to cook slowly until all the soap has dissolved. Add the baking soda and borax to the solution, and dissolve them by stirring. Prepare 1 gallon of hot water in the remaining pot, empty the mixture you heated earlier into the large container, and pour in the gallon of hot water followed with stirring. Allow the solution to thicken overnight before use.

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