How Do You Make a Laundry Bag?


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Making your own laundry bag takes less than 30 minutes to complete. The supplies you need are an iron, one yard of sturdy fabric, two yards of 3/8-inch rope or cord, thread, a safety pin and a sewing machine.

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  1. Prepare the fabric

    Place the fabric on a flat surface with the right side facing up. The right side is the printed side of the material. Fold the fabric in half so the wrong side faces up. Position the fabric so the fold is closest to you. That is the bottom of your bag.

  2. Insert pins

    Measure 2-inches down from the top of the bag and place pins along that line.

  3. Sew the body of the bag

    Sew along both sides of the fabric until you come to the pins. Secure the seams and snip the thread.

  4. Sew the drawstring channel

    Remove the pins from the top of the bag. Fold down the top inch of fabric and crease it with the iron. Sew along the fold. Then make another 1-inch fold, iron and sew it into place.

  5. Thread the drawstring cord

    Stick a safety pin through one end of the cord and fasten it. Push the cord through the channel until the pin emerges at the other end. Remove the pin and tie the cord's ends together with a double knot.

  6. Turn the bag right side out

    Turn the bag right side out so the printed fabric is visible.

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