How Do You Make a Lattice Fence?


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A lattice fence can be constructed from lattice paneling. A lattice fence creates a fenced-in area that is semi-private due to the lattice design.

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How Do You Make a Lattice Fence?
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  1. Measure the panels

    Determine the starting point for the fence line. Fix a stake in the ground at that place. Measure the length of the panels. Use the measurement of the length of a single panel to fix the next stake. Repeat the process for the entire fence line.

  2. Tie the string

    Tie a string to the first stake. Walk down the fence line holding the string. Fix the other end of the string to the last stake. Ensure that the string is in a straight line.

  3. Dig holes in the ground

    Remove the first stake from the ground. Use a hole digger to dig a deep hole for the post. Repeat the procedure for the complete fence line.

  4. Fill the holes with gravel

    Use crushed gravel to fill the holes. Once the holes are filled with gravel, put a post in each hole.

  5. Fill the holes with cement

    Use string and stakes to ensure that the posts remain vertical and straight. Mix cement according to the product instructions on the package. Fill the holes with the cement. Allow the cement to dry for 48 hours.

  6. Fix the panels

    Fix the lattice panels to the sides of the posts.The panels must be facing the house or the yard. Place a panel on the first two posts. The panel must be one inch above the ground. Place the second panel next to the first one. Fix a screw at the right corner of the lattice. Ensure that the screw embeds in the post.

  7. Finish fixing the lattice fence

    Confirm that the lattice panel is straight. Drill a screw in the other top corner. Fix the remaining corners with screws. Repeat the procedure for each panel.

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