How Do You Make a Kitchen Table Bench?


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To make a kitchen bench, cut the wood, create the leg frames, brace the structure and attach the top. The required materials and tools are a hammer, a drill, a jigsaw, a measuring tape, wood glue, 32 2-inch finish nails, 34 2-inch wood screws, and the following pine boards: a 10-foot 1-by-2 1/2, a 6-foot 1-by-2, two 8-foot 1-by-4s and a 6-foot 1-by-12. The project takes a minimum of two hours.

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  1. Cut the boards

    Cut all boards to the following dimensions: cut four 1-by-2 1/2 boards at 17 1/4 inches for the side legs; cut four 1-by-2 1/2 boards at 11 1/2 inches for the ends, four 1-by-2 boards cut to 17 1/4 inches for the end legs, three 1-by-4 boards cut to 45 inches for the stretcher and side aprons, two 1-by-4 boards cut to 25 3/4 inches and one 1-by-12 board cut to 54 inches.

  2. Notch the legs

    Measure a notch 2 1/2 inches long 2 1/4 inches from the end of one side leg board. Measure another notch 2 1/2 inches long from the other end of the board. Use a jigsaw to cut the two notches and repeat with the other three legs.

  3. Attach the ends

    Apply wood glue to all the notches. Position the remaining 1-by-2 1/2 boards on the notches with three-quarters of an inch overhanging on each side. Use the 2-inch nails to secure.

  4. Attach the end legs

    Apply wood glue to the front of the legs where the ends are glued. Position the end legs parallel to them so that the overhang remains. Use 2-inch nails to secure.

  5. Attach the stretcher

    Mark the center of the leg frames. Apply glue to the ends of one 45-inch board and position in the center of the leg frames. Use 2-inch screws to secure.

  6. Fasten the side aprons

    Apply glue to the ends of the remaining 45-inch boards. Place each parallel to the stretcher but tight to the top of the side legs. Use 2-inch screws to secure.

  7. Cut the cross bracing

    Mark one end of a 25 3/4-inch board at a 30-degree angle. Mark the other end the same, but measure 2 inches up the angle. At that point, measure back down at an opposing 30-degree angle. Cut along the marks, then repeat with the other cross brace.

  8. Fasten the side bracing

    Apply glue to the ends of the cross brace boards. Place the single edge of each against the stretcher so that they meet at the halfway point. The long part of the pointed side should rest against the middle of the end. Use 2-inch screws to secure all ends.

  9. Attach the top

    Measure 3.75 inches from each end of the 1-by-12 board. Line these marks up with the ends of the leg frames. Use 2-inch screws to secure.

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