How Do You Make a Kitchen Remodel Checklist?


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Creating a kitchen remodeling checklist includes taking a detailed look around the kitchen space. All the repairs or upgrades that are needed or desired in the kitchen should be considered, along with the amount of money available for the project.

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  1. Create a budget

    Think about how much you have to spend before you write down all the remodeling projects you would like to take on in the kitchen. This will keep you from starting a kitchen remodeling project that could land you in too much debt.

  2. Consider the kitchen layout

    Jot down the layout of your kitchen before starting your remodeling project. You need to know the dimensions of your kitchen and where the pipes and electrical outlets are located. If possible, the plumbing and electrical circuits should be kept intact to save money on your remodeling venture.

  3. Write down the specifics of the remodel

    Write down the actual remodeling projects you want for your kitchen. As you gather the materials and estimates for each project, cross the project off your preliminary list. You can also check off each project once you've found a contractor to complete the job.

  4. Create a new list

    Make a new list using the information you've gathered. As projects are completed, check them off your list. This helps you track your budget and makes it easier for you to notice marked improvements in your kitchen.

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