How Do You Make an Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden?


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To make an indoor kitchen herb garden, select a location that provides as much light as possible and pots that provide good drainage. Select containers that provide good drainage, and fill them with high quality potting soil before adding the herbs. Place the plants on saucers to protect the windowsill.

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Rosemary, mint, sage, oregano and thyme do well in most windowsill gardens. They thrive at indoor temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and tolerate nighttime temperatures in the 50s. Basil is more difficult to grow, as it does not tolerate cool temperatures. It does best in a well-lit area away from the window, where the temperature does not drop below 70 F.

The humidity in most air-conditioned or heated homes is lower than the plants prefer. Accommodate the plants' need for additional humidity by placing them in a sink and spraying them with water weekly. The plants do not do well if their roots remain wet, so avoid watering them too frequently.

Even with good indoor lighting, herb gardens tend to have a spindly look. However, the herbs are still full of flavor, and their presence in the kitchen makes it easy to snip a few leaves to enhance cooking. Feed the plants once per month with a good indoor plant food when using the leaves regularly.

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