How Do You Make Your House Smell Good?

How Do You Make Your House Smell Good?

Keeping your home smelling fresh requires a few minutes of maintenance on a daily basis. If you live with other people, enlist their help to keep an inviting scent in the house.

  1. Eliminate odor sources

    Wash dirty laundry on a regular basis. Whether the smell comes from sweaty socks or the undergarments of an incontinent adult living in the home, washing dirty clothes is the best way to ensure the home smells fresh.

  2. Open a window

    Ventilation helps to exchange dirty, stale air from inside with fresh air from outside. Opening a window helps to eliminate cooking odors, smoke and other scents that may be unpleasant.

  3. Reduce the humidity

    If the humidity is high in the home or room, it encourages the growth of mold. SFGate encourages readers to install a dehumidifier or use air conditioning to lower the humidity to an acceptable range. If you find mold, spray it with vinegar to kill it and eliminate any odor. The vinegar smell dissipates as it dries.

  4. Boil spices in a potpourri pot

    Add cinnamon, vanilla and other spice scents to a small potpourri pot with water. Allow these natural scents to fill the home and mask any foul odors. Substitute essential oils for the spices if you prefer.