How Do You Make a Homemade Water Filter?


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In situations or cases where clean drinking water and commercial water filters are unavailable, there is an alternative solution. Build a homemade water filter by using clean, food safe plastic bottles, such as two liter soda bottles, clean cotton material or cheesecloth, a paper coffee filter, a catching container for the filtered water, activated charcoal, fine grain sand, coarse grain sand, fine grain gravel and course grain gravel.

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To build the homemade water filter, first cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle. Next, position the bottle upside down, with the mouth of the container in the catching container. Take the clean cotton cloth or cheesecloth and stuff it compactly in the bottom of the bottle. Next, layer the filter materials into the bottle in thin layers in the following order: activated charcoal, fine grain sand, coarse grain sand, fine grain gravel, and coarse grain gravel. Repeat the layering process until the bottle is filled to where the bottle was cut off. Then, place the coffee filter on top of the layers and add the water. The several layers of filtering materials remove harmful materials from the water source and allow clean water to fill the catching container. The water may still contain harmful bacteria and should be boiled before consumption.

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