How Do You Make Homemade Stepping Stones?


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Homemade stepping stones are made by mixing quick concrete powder, pouring mixture into molds, adding decorations, and letting them dry, according to Gardening Know How. A mold, non-stick agent, fast-setting concrete and desired embellishments are needed to create homemade stepping stones.

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First, cover the mold with a non-stick agent such as Vaseline or cooking spray. This allows easy removal of the stepping stone from the mold, according to Thrifty Fun. Next, prepare the concrete mixture according to packaging directions. Continue creating the stepping stone by pouring the concrete mixture into the mold and letting it sit for 30 minutes.

Next, add embellishments to the stepping stone. Marbles, shells and board game pieces are suggested embellishments. Terra cotta pots, broken glass, old china dishes and ceramic tiles can also be used as indicated by DIY Network.

When all the embellishments are in place, leave the stepping stones in the mold for two days to allow adequate time for drying, as described on Gardening Know How. Twice a day, mist the stepping stones with water to prevent cracking. Finally, remove the stepping stone from the mold. Continue to let the stepping stone dry for another week before putting it in your garden.

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