How Do You Make a Homemade Remedy to Get Rid of Fleas?

Try some essential oils, crushed herbs, diatomaceous earth, and neem oil to make homemade flea remedies. Essential oils to choose from include wormwood, rosemary, peppermint and clove.

To make a homemade flea collar, rub the pet's collar with a mix made from two tablespoons of carrier oil and three to four drops of essential oil. Some pets can be sensitive to essential oils, making it important to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil or olive oil, before use.

Diatomaceous earth is safe for humans and pets, but will eliminate most insect pests, including fleas. Spread the diatomaceous earth along the outside edge of walls and around affected areas indoors. Pet bedding can be washed in hot, soapy water and dried on the highest setting to eliminate flea infestations.

Carpets can be treated with diatomaceous earth, which is vacuumed up later, or with borax mixed with essential oils. Borax is commonly used as a laundry booster. Mix three to four drops of essential oil per ounce of borax and sprinkle on carpets. Let the mixture sit for several hours before vacuuming.

Try washing pets with a regular soap, then applying a lemon mixture made of boiled, cooled lemons to repel fleas. To make the lemon mix recommended, boil four lemons and allow the mix to steep overnight. Add one teaspoon of salt before bathing the pet in the mixture.