How Do You Make a Homemade Possum Repellent?

To make one of the many different types of possum repellent, you need water, molasses, dish soap and a spray bottle. Combining one cup of molasses and some dish soap with one liter of water will create a possum-repelling spray for plants.

  1. Mix water and molasses

    Pour 1 cup of molasses into the spray bottle. Add 1 liter of water and close the top of the spray bottle. Shake the bottle so that the two substances mix together.

  2. Add dish soap

    Squirt a very small amount of the liquid dish soap into the spray bottle. Dish soap helps the mixture stick to foliage. If your mixture is not sticky enough, add more dish soap.

  3. Apply the repellent to problem areas

    Identify the areas of your garden or yard experiencing large amounts of possum traffic. Usually, there are some leafy green plants in these areas, because these attract possums. Spray the possum-repelling solution onto fresh leaf growth, and make sure it sticks to the leaves. The solution prevents possums from eating the plants.

  4. Reapply repellent as needed

    Check the molasses-coated leaves every few days, and reapply the repellent if needed. Reapply after rain if the mixture washes off the leaves.