How Do You Make a Homemade Coyote Trap?

How Do You Make a Homemade Coyote Trap?

To make a homemade coyote trap, use an aircraft cable, hex nuts and a flat washer to construct a cable restraint. Form a loop in the restraint, and secure it using a nut.

Begin making the coyote trap by cutting a 1/8-inch thick aircraft cable to a length of 48 inches using wire cutters. Drill two holes with a diameter of 5/32 inches at the opposite ends of a flat washer. Position the holes midway between the washer's existing hole and its outside edge.

Next, place the washer in a bench vise, and pinch it so that one half of it is positioned above the vise's jaws and the other half remains in the vise. Insert the aircraft cable into a quarter-inch nut, and reinsert in the opposite direction to fashion a loop with a diameter of 3/4 inches.

Position the nut with the cable on an anvil's edge. Pinch the nut with a hammer so that it sits tightly over the cable and holds the loop in place.

Insert the open end of the cable into a drilled hole in the flat washer from the bend's outside to inside. The length of the cable should extend 18 inches beyond the hole. Thread the cable into the second drilled hole in the flat washer, from the bend's inside to outside.

Insert the open end of the cable through another nut so that the cable juts out from it by 1/2 inch. Finally, pinch the nut using an anvil and hammer as before.