How Do You Make a Hat Coat Rack?

How Do You Make a Hat Coat Rack?

Coat rack designs vary, but the design process begins by making the feet and adding the pole. Then, add the hooks to complete the rack. This rack design has four hooks and takes about four hours to complete.

This coat rack uses a simple design to make an elegant and inexpensive place to store hats, jackets and umbrellas. For best results and an authentic look, use oak for this coat rack.

  1. Construct the feet
  2. Using a miter saw, cut the feet and form the stand by crossing the feet at the half-lap joint. Be sure to round off the corners of each foot. Secure the feet with wood glue.

  3. Make the pole and assemble the rack
  4. After cutting the pole to the desired length, mark the center axis and using a drill and driver, fasten the pole with a three-inch wood screw. Apply wood glue for added strength.

  5. Finish the rack
  6. Lightly sand the surface of the rack with 220-grit sandpaper. Paint or finish the surface of the rack in the desired color.

  7. Attach the hooks
  8. Attach the hooks at various heights to accommodate items of different sizes. Screw them into place.

Depending on the type of wood used, this project can be completed in less than four hours and will cost around $100, as of 2015.