How Do You Make a Hanging Lamp?

How Do You Make a Hanging Lamp?

You can make a hanging lamp with a tin can. A hanging light kit, a low-wattage light bulb, a cloth measuring tape, a hole saw, a power drill, a black marker, glue, a drill bit, a jigsaw or Dremel and two swag hooks are needed to complete the construction of the lamp. It takes about one hour to complete this project.

  1. Wash and glue the can

    Wash the lid and can, and allow them to dry. Stick the lid to the can with super glue.

  2. Cut out the can bottom

    Use a jigsaw to cut out the bottom of the can. Alternatively, a Dremel with a metal cutting wheel can be used to accomplish this task.

  3. Measure the dome

    Use the cloth measuring tape to measure the area around the dome of the hanging light kit. The dome is the area right above the rim, next to the socket. Calculate the dome’s diameter by dividing its circumference by pi, which is 3.14.

  4. Drill a hole in the lid

    Choose a sawtooth hole that is sized 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than the diameter of the dome. Double check to ensure that the hole saw is smaller than the rim under the dome. Attach the hole saw to the drill. Drill the hole saw through the middle of the lid of the can.

  5. Make dots on the can

    Use the black marker to make small dots on the tin can. Once drilled, these dots allow light to shine through the can. Make the dots by following a pattern or at random.

  6. Drill through the dots

    Drill holes through the black dots marked on the can. Use a drill bit suitable for metal for this job.

  7. Attach the light cord

    Slip the plug end of the light cord through the base of the tin, and bring the cord out from the hole in the lid. Ensure that the cord is pulled through the hole right up to the dome. The larger rim keeps the dome in place when the lamp is hung.

  8. Attach the cord to the hooks

    Affix a low-wattage bulb to the socket. Attach the cord to the two ceiling hooks. Plug the cord into the outlet on the wall, and flip the switch on.