How Do You Make a Hand Towel Holder for the Countertop?


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With a little elbow grease, inventive hand towel holders for the countertop can be inexpensively made out of many found objects. While the amount of counter space should be considered, it does not have to limit creativity.

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When making a hand towel holder for a small kitchen or bathroom counter, creativity does not have to be sacrificed. Many eye-catching found objects are able to hold hand towels in creative ways. For example, a used stirrup, either wooden or metal, holds folded or rolled hand towels nicely.

For those with a penchant for hunting, deer antlers can be used to hang unfolded hand towels on a small kitchen or bathroom counter. A base must be created for the antler itself; this can either require gluing the antler to a pre-stained piece of wood or gluing one antler on top of another and allowing the second antler's points to act as the base. The towel is then draped over the top antler. Similar products are sold at retailers for those lacking a creative streak.

Individuals with a larger counter space to work with have more creative freedom. For those who like an industrial look, metal pipes can be fashioned into a towel holder that can be mounted directly to the countertop. Thanks to the multiple inputs for other pipes, it can be stabilized against a wall if necessary.

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