How Do You Make a Gummy Bear Lamp?


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Create a gummy bear lamp with a lampshade, a lamp base, craft glue, lots of gummy bears (real or fake) and spray varnish. The project can be completed in a couple of hours.

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  1. Gather your supplies

    Select a light-colored, transparent or translucent shade to allow light to pass through the gummy bears. Over time, real gummy bears may dry out and shrivel up. Although they are more expensive, using fake gummy bears instead of real ones prolongs the life of your lampshade.

  2. Affix the gummy bears

    Glue the gummy bears onto the lampshade using the craft glue. Place the gummy bears close together to cover the lampshade as much as possible. Create a pattern using groupings of colors, or you can place the gummy bears randomly.

  3. Varnish the gummy bears

    Once the lampshade has been completely covered in gummy bears, spray the shade with glossy polyurethane to seal and protect the gummy bears. Allow time to dry, and finish with a second coat of spray varnish.

  4. Turn on the lamp

    Attach the lampshade to the base, and add a light bulb. Use a light bulb with a low wattage, between 25 to 50 watts, to keep the gummy bears from melting.

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