How Do You Make a Grow Box?

How Do You Make a Grow Box?

To build a grow box, line a cabinet with Mylar, suspend lights from the ceiling, cut two vent holes, and turn on the power. This two-hour project requires a cabinet, Mylar, a stapler, scissors, lights, tape, a saw, a screwdriver, screws, rope ratchets, a filter, a fan and vent ducting.

  1. Line a cabinet with Mylar

    Place the cabinet in a convenient location. Open the doors, and line the interior with Mylar fabric. Staple the Mylar in place.

  2. Install lights

    Screw rope ratchets to the cabinet ceiling, and suspend grow lights from them.

  3. Create the air intake vent

    Use a reciprocating saw to cut a 12-inch hole near the bottom of the back cabinet panel. This is the air-intake vent. Cover the vent with a disposable air-conditioning filter, and attach it with duct tape.

  4. Cut the exhaust vent

    Cut a 4-inch hole in the cabinet ceiling, and attach a 4-inch vent duct. Attach the open end of the duct to a 4-inch exhaust fan. The front of the fan must point away from the grow box.

  5. Connect the power

    Plug in the lights and exhaust fan, and turn on the power. Verify that the fan blows air away from the cabinet.