How Do You Make a Grapevine Tree?

Making a grapevine tree is a medium-sized project requiring 20 feet of wire, two 4-foot wooden posts, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters and a healthy year-old grapevine. The project requires focus and skill, but can be completed in an afternoon if preparations are adequate.

Grapevines are very biddable and will grow where hung or trellised. In the right circumstances, they can be persuaded to grow on frames called trees or trellises. These trellises are simple to build and help to increase productivity and beautify the growing area.

  1. Cut the wire
  2. Use a pair of wire cutters to cut the wire into four 5-foot segments. These will constitute the levels of the trellis, or tree, and support the growth of the vines while keeping their canes separate to better expose them to light.

  3. Bind the frame
  4. Drive nails into the posts at intervals of about 8 inches starting at the tops. Space the posts and use the pliers to wrap the lengths of wire around the corresponding nails, creating four distinct wire bridges. Make sure to wrap tightly so that the wires do not sag or come loose.

  5. Drape the vine
  6. Drape the vine over the frame to complete the tree. The wires will let the vines grow at an accelerated pace by supporting their weight, and with proper pruning and pinching the vines will bear more quickly and with larger, healthier yields.