How Do You Make Gopher Repellent?

How Do You Make Gopher Repellent?

To make homemade gopher repellent, mix castor oil with liquid dish detergent and spray your property with the mixture. Applying the mixture in or around the gophers' tunnels is also an effective way to remove the pests. A basic gopher repellent can be created in just a few minutes.

  1. Blend the repellent ingredients

    Mix one cup of castor oil with one cup of liquid dish-washing detergent and blend well.

  2. Add other repelling ingredients

    Gophers may be deterred by lavender, rosemary, catmint or salvia. Add any of these ingredients to the repellent mixture, or place the chosen ingredient at the entrance to the gopher's tunnels. To use herbs, such as lavender, steep the herb for 5 minutes in hot water, and then strain and add the liquid to the castor oil mixture. To maximize the effectiveness of gopher repellents, use the castor oil as the base of the repellent and alternate other ingredients each week.

  3. Place repellents inside the gopher's tunnels

    Place lavender, castor oil and other repellents inside the entrances to the gopher's tunnels, if possible.

  4. Spray the affected area with the castor oil mixture

    To treat a large area, fill a garden sprayer and add the castor oil and detergent. Spray the affected area lightly, and reapply as needed or after heavy rains.