How Do You Make a Gnat Trap?

How Do You Make a Gnat Trap?

To make a gnat trap, cut a 2-liter bottle, invert the top half of the bottle, and place apple cider vinegar in the bottom half to attract the gnats. For the project, you need an empty 2-liter bottle, apple cider vinegar and a sharp pair of scissors.

  1. Cut the bottle

    Carefully use scissors to cut the top third off the bottle. If you are having trouble cutting it, a sharp knife can be used instead. The top half serves as a funnel that makes it difficult for gnats to escape.

  2. Pour apple cider vinegar into the bottom half of the bottle

    A small amount of apple cider vinegar poured into the bottom half of the bottle should be enough to attract the gnats.

  3. Invert the top third into the bottom of the bottle

    After inverting the top third of the bottle into the bottom, tape it in place to ensure that there is no other way for the gnats to escape. Gnats naturally try going to the highest point to escape, so the funnel makes it nearly impossible for them to find their way out. In a few days, all the gnats should be captured in the gnat trap, and the trap can be thrown away.