How Do You Make Glass Animal Figurines?


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To make glass animal figurines, it is essential to heat and mould small glass rods. WetCanvas explains that a torch kit, pressurized oxygen, suitable ventilation system and safety lenses are essential for the process. Glass rods, a graphite plate, tweezers and a kiln or vermiculite to cool the figurine are also needed.

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The first step is to set up a safe working environment. Some steps of the process generate extreme heat, so this must be taken into consideration. WetCanvas suggests starting by heating and rotating the glass rod in the torch flame until it collects into a ball. Once the glass becomes molten, press it down onto a graphite plate, while still rotating, to form the core shape. Return the glass into the flame, heat the shape while rotating until it is glowing white hot and remove the rod from the flame.

At this stage, WetCanvas suggests using the tweezers to develop the desired figurine. If the glass begins to cool, return it to the flame until it is workable again. Work slowly, and only while the glass is hot, heating individual portions of the developing figurine as required. Once the figurine is completed, place it in a kiln or cover it in vermiculite and allow it to anneal.

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