How Do You Make a Garden Seed Planter at Home?


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Make garden seed planters at home by using newspaper, egg cartons, egg shells, yogurt cups or paper towel tubes to make the pots, then add soil and seeds. You can also use paper coffee cups or to-go containers.

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Make a garden seed planter from newspaper by doubling up sheets of paper and folding them around a jar. Add more newspaper for the bottom of the jar, and staple the sides and bottom paper together. Remove the jar, add soil to the pot, and plant the seeds. Egg cartons and shells are also suitable tiny pots for seeds as long as you poke a few small holes in the bottom of the shells to allow for water drainage. When it's time to plant the seedlings, merely cut apart the egg carton compartments, and plant the entire thing. The newspaper and egg shells can also be planted in the ground without first removing the seedlings.

Paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes and paper coffee cups can also be used as seed planters and can be planted in the soil as added compost. To use paper towel and toilet paper tubes, cut them down to the right size, place them on a tray, and fill them with soil.

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