How Do You Make a Garden Retaining Wall From Railroad Ties?


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To make a garden retaining wall from railroad ties, determine the size and position of the wall, dig trenches of the required size, lay gravel in it, and place the railroad ties for the first course. Secure the subsequent courses of the ties using spikes at regular intervals, and position deadmans appropriately. Finally, place the drain pipe, conceal the gravel, and fill with soil.

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Begin making a garden retaining wall from railroad ties by obtaining the necessary permits from the concerned local bodies. Next, determine the length and placement of the wall in the garden, and select railroad ties of the desired shape, grade and size.

Make the trenches 6 inches in depth and 9 inches in width. Dig the trenches in a T-shape in the areas where the deadmans are to be installed.

After digging the trenches, fill them gravel up to 2 inches deep. When placing the railroad ties on the gravel, ensure that they are level, with a slight slant towards the hill. To attach subsequent courses of ties, use construction adhesive, and 12-inch long spikes at intervals of 3 to 4 feet. Hammer the spikes with a sledgehammer.

After installing the third course of the ties, tie deadmans at every 16 square feet to the wall, and bury them in the soil. Once the wall installation is finished, place the drain pipe on the bed of gravel at the back of the wall, and add gravel until it reaches the second tie course. Use tar paper or filter fabric to conceal the gravel, and put soil over the area.

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