How Do You Make a Garden Box?

How Do You Make a Garden Box?

Build a raised garden box by attaching the wooden sides to corner posts, laying out landscape fabric, centering the box on the fabric and filling with topsoil. Plant vegetables or flowers in the box, and provide water for a trouble-free garden.

  1. Build the box

    Cut the corner posts to the desired length. Attach water-resistant boards to create the box. A typical box is 3 feet wide and 5 feet long.

  2. Place the landscape fabric

    Determine the location of the box. Cut a piece of landscape fabric about 6 inches longer and wider than the garden box. Spread the fabric in the box location. This fabric prevents grass and weeds from growing through the soil to compete with the plants in the box.

  3. Set the box

    Move the box into location. Center it on the landscape fabric, and check to ensure it is level. If one edge is higher than the others, use a shovel to remove the high spots so the box is level.

  4. Plant the box

    Use a garden trowel to pull back the soil to create holes for planting vegetables or flowers. Observe the recommended planting distances for the various plants. Water the plants when you finish planting the garden. Irrigate the box by hand, or install an automatic watering system.