How Do You Make a Fruit Centerpiece?


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To make a fruit centerpiece, choose fruits that go well with your room's color scheme. Fill a container with carefully arranged fresh fruit and leaves. Replace or throw away fruit as it spoils.

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How Do You Make a Fruit Centerpiece?
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  1. Decide what will go with your color scheme

    Examine your room's decor and decide what color fruits go best with the room and your plan for table decorations.

  2. Pick a container

    Select a container for the fruit. A clear container lets the fruit show through, while a decorative bowl only shows the fruit at the top. Measure the size of the container, so you know how much fruit is needed.

  3. Gather the fruit

    Select the fruit you want to display. Add a few leaves to fill in any gaps between the fruit in the arrangement. Rinse and dry leaves before using them.

  4. Arrange the fruit

    Place a small pad or folded towel in the bottom of the container to protect delicate fruit. If the container is clear, camouflage the towel with leaves. Carefully arrange the fruit in the container. Put the best-looking pieces on top. Place leaves in the gaps between the fruit.

  5. Check for bad fruit

    Remember to check the centerpiece daily for fruit spoilage and discard any rotten fruit.

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