How Do You Make a Fort?

How Do You Make a Fort?

To make a fort, construct the walls out of four fence pieces, cut the corners to interlock the walls, and use 2-by-4s as support. This project requires a time commitment of at least three hours.

  1. Measure the fort

    Measure out 5 feet on a piece of stockade fence, and find a suitable spot between two pickets. Use a jigsaw to cut the two back braces of the fence piece, and do so repeatedly until you have four sections.

  2. Miter the braces

    Stand up the fence pieces, and mark 45-degree miter cut lines on either side of the fence pieces. Use a handsaw to cut the angles.

  3. Frame the hatch

    Draw the outline of the square hatch. Place the piece between the two brackets, and drill 3/8-inch holes to mark the four corners of the doors. Flip over the piece, do the same outline on the back, and use the small holes as reference points. Measure the space between the brace pieces, and cut a 2-by-4 board according to the measurement. Attach the 2-by-4 by applying 1 5/8 screws every 6 inches down the center.

  4. Cut more boards

    Cut two more 2-by-4 boards of the same size for the inside top and bottom of the hatch outline. Screw the boards on the back part of the fence. Use a fourth 2-by-4 for the top and bottom and for the first 2-by-4. Install the hinges to connect the short and long 2-by-4s on the side of the hatch.

  5. Cut the hatch

    Turn the fencing over face up, and use a jigsaw to cut open the hatch across the top and bottom edges of the corner holes. Cut to the last picket that is attached to the frame of the hatch. Use a 1-inch drill bit to drill a peephole at the top of the hatch.

  6. Establish the walls

    Brace the hatch by placing scrap wood piece across the edge of the door to prevent it from swinging open. Lay down all four fencing sections, and stand the pieces up. Use L-brackets to connect the corners.