How Do You Make Flying Lanterns?


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Flying lanterns are constructed mainly of tissue paper, a bamboo frame and a fuel source, such as a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. The fuel source is placed at the bottom of the lantern and lit on fire, which causes the lantern to rise.

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To make a flying lantern, gather 4 sheets of white tissue paper, 4 sheets of blue tissue paper, paper flame retardant spray and brown craft paper. You also need a pencil, scissors, white glue, a 50-inch bamboo strip and florist wire.

Fireproof the blue tissue paper by spraying with the retardant spray, and allow it to dry. Draw a pattern for the lantern on the brown craft paper. The pattern should be 40 inches long and 12 inches wide at the base, and flare to 22 inches at its widest point. Cut out the pattern.

Glue each sheet of blue paper to a sheet of white paper at the edges, and allow to dry. After dried, cut the tissue paper into lantern panels by following the brown paper pattern. Glue the panels together at the sides, and seal the top. Twist the bamboo strip into a circle, and wrap the florist wire tightly around the bamboo while forming an X at the center of the circle. Glue the hoop to the bottom of the bag. Pull a cotton ball to lengthen it, then soak it in rubbing alcohol, and drape it around the wired X. Light the cotton ball.

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