How Do You Make a Flower Bed?


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To make a flower bed, pour layers of soil over newspaper, and allow the soil to decompose for months. You need cardboard, newspaper, topsoil, compost, mulch and bricks. Build the bed at the start of a season, such as spring, so the bed is decomposed enough for the following season.

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  1. Cover the grass

    Cover the grass in the area you wish to build the flower bed at with cardboard.

  2. Add layers of newspaper

    Pile six layers of newspaper on top of the cardboard.

  3. Soak the base

    Use a garden hose to saturate the layers of newspaper with water.

  4. Build a perimeter

    Use landscaping stones or bricks to build a perimeter around the bed.

  5. Mix soils together

    Mix a rich topsoil and compost together outside of the bed.

  6. Add several layers of topsoil

    Pour the mixed topsoil over the newspaper evenly until the amount reaches 6 inches high.

  7. Cover with organic mulch

    Add a layer of organic mulch over the soil until the surface of the soil is covered.

  8. Allow mother nature to decompose the soil

    Wait a few months before planting to allow worms and the weather to decompose the various layers.

  9. Construct an irrigation system

    Install an irrigation system in the bed to water the soil with a drip system.

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