How Do You Make a Floral Arrangement?


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To make a floral arrangement, gather the following materials: floral foam, a shallow bowl, a craft knife, stem tape, a pair of florist’s scissors, two types of foliage and three types of flowers with the stems cut short. Water is also required to soak the floral foam before trimming it and to spray the flowers with in order to keep them fresh while you work.

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Take a piece of trimmed floral foam and bind it to the bowl with a piece of stem tape. Using the florist’s scissors, trim the stems from the first type of foliage and then insert it into the sides of and across the top of the foam base. Push the stems into the foam at 3/4 inch. With the second type of foliage, fill in any open spaces but keep some of the foam visible.

Next, take the biggest flowers and push them into the foam at differing angles. Those near the bottom should angle down, and the flowers at the top should angle up. Place the second set of flowers, also at an angle, around the first set of flowers. Add the smallest flowers last. Cover any open patches of foam with the remaining foliage. Spray the flowers and tip the arrangement over a sink to drain away any leftover water. To keep the arrangement fresh, water it over a sink every three to four days.

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