How Do You Make a Fire Pit?

How Do You Make a Fire Pit?

Build a fire pit by choosing the area, laying out stone pavers, digging the ground inside the paver area, pouring and leveling sand and stacking concrete wall stones. The materials needed include white concrete pavers, concrete wall stones, a shovel, sand, a tamper and a level.

  1. Choose the area

    Choose an area in the yard away from the home and other structures. The area should be clear of any tree branches.

  2. Lay out the pavers

    Set the pavers on the ground in a circle in the area where you're building the pit.

  3. Dig the ground

    Dig out about 12 inches of the ground inside the paver circle.

  4. Add sand to the dug up ground

    Fill the hole with sand, and use the tamper to level it out. Set the level on the sand in different spots to make sure that it's level. Repeat this process until the circle of sand is completely level.

  5. Set the concrete wall stones

    Put some sand on top of the pavers, and place concrete wall stones on top of it. Check to see if the stones are level. If they aren't, push them down further into the sand until they are level. Repeat this step for two more layers of concrete wall stones to complete the fire pit.