How Do You Make a Fire Pit Cover?

How Do You Make a Fire Pit Cover?

A fire pit cover protects the structure against the elements. There are several ways of making a fire pit cover, either with fabric or wood. According to, anyone with basic sewing skills can make a fire pit cover made of fabric with the use of measuring tape and hand needles.

  1. Get the fabric

    Select an affordable fabric such as cotton or wool, vinyl or canvas. Vinyl lasts longer than wool and cotton, while canvas lasts even longer.

  2. Measure the fire pit area

    If the fire pit has a round screen on top, measure the height and diameter of the screen to obtain the measurements for the top panel of the cover. If the fire pit is flat on top, measure the width and length of the top area. Continue by measuring the circumvent of the fire pit to determine the length of the side panel of the cover. You also need to decide how far down the exterior wall of the pit you want the cover to go, which determines the height of the side panel.

  3. Cut the fabric and sew the cover

    Use obtained measurements to cut a round or square top panel and a single panel that wraps around the whole fire pit. Sew the edges together.