How Do You Make a Fabric-Covered Window Cornice?


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Start by cutting two 1 x6 lumber side pieces that are of equal length. Then, cut a top piece. Use these to make a structure that is shaped like a U. Nail the top piece to the side pieces. Cut a luan plywood piece to fit the frame. Tap two nails lightly in your workbench so that they are positioned where you want the curve to start and end.

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Put a piece of flexible wood between those nails, and bend as needed. Trace the line that results from this, and cut it using a jigsaw. Using 220-grit sandpaper, sand the edges so that they become smooth. Brush away any dust that forms with a damp rag or with a tack cloth. Using a hammer and box nails, attach the luan plywood panel to the frame.

Take the cornice and lay it facing down on quilt batting in order to upholster it. Fold the batting all around the cornice, then staple it to the cornice. Then take your chosen fabric and wrap the cornice with it using the same process.

Before beginning this project, make sure to have 1 x 6 pine lumber, a hammer, a flexible piece of wood, box nails and luan plywood. In addition, purchase a jigsaw, staple gun, 220-grit sandpaper, fabric and quilt batting.

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