How Do You Make End Tables?


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To make end tables, decide the desired size and shape of the end tables, and assemble all necessary building materials and tools. Measure and cut the building materials, construct the bases of the tables including the frames and legs, and attach the table tops to the bases. If necessary, sand and smooth the table, and then paint or stain the table as desired. Customize these instructions to fit the needs of the table, such as using glue instead of nails.

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The end tables should be constructed from sturdy solid types of wood, such as poplar. Plastic and metal can also make solid bases. The table tops of the end tables should be large enough to accommodate needs such as placing lamps, books or pictures. If constructing the end tables from lumber, a miter saw and circular saw should be enough to cut all of the necessary pieces. Be sure to carefully measure the building materials before cutting to assure all pieces fit together without any gaps or extra long pieces.

To ensure stability and durability, use both wood glue and nails or screws to construct the table. Using a combination of glue and nails or screws requires the use of a nail gun, hammer or screwdriver.

When sanding the finished end tables, use a belt or orbital sander. To finish, select a primer as well as a stain, finish or paint color that complements the color scheme and room design.

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