How Do You Make an Electric Fan?

To make an electric fan, get fan blades and a motor or a kit which contains a fan, power supply, an electric motor and housing. Test the motor, connect the fan blade to the motor and hook the power supply. Complete the procedure by switching on the circuit.

  1. Buy the necessary material

    You can choose to buy either fan blades and a motor or a kit containing a fan, housing, electric motor and a power supply. Ensure that the fan blades have a hole the size of the electric motor.

  2. Get a power supply

    Ensure that the power supply you decide to use has the right voltage and amperage for the motor. If you are making a small electric hand fan, use a battery holder to fix it in place. Alternatively you can use an electrical adapter that plugs into the wall. Test the motor and switch on the power supply.

  3. Connect the fan blade and switch on the circuit

    Put the fan of the electric blade on the motor by pushing the shaft through the hole in the blade. Hook the power supply to the motor. To start the fan, plug in the circuit and switch the fan on.