How Do You Make Earthworm Castings Tea?

How Do You Make Earthworm Castings Tea?

Earthworm castings tea, also known as vermicompost tea, is made from the droppings of earthworms mixed with composted organic matter from a worm bin. The mixture is soaked in water with periodic stirring to create a nutrient-rich solution. The tea is used as a fertilizer in gardens and on houseplants. This process requires a 10- to 12-cup coffee filter, twine and a watering can.

  1. Make a vermicompost tea bag

    Pour 1/4 cup vermicompost mixture from your worm bin into the center of a 10- to 12-cup coffee filter. Gather the filter closely together at the open side, and tie it tightly with a piece of twine.

  2. Soak the tea bag

    Place the tea bag in a 1-gallon watering can, and fill with water. Leave about an inch free at the top to facilitate stirring.

  3. Steep, and stir the tea

    Let the tea steep for at least eight hours, stirring frequently. The stirring aerates the water. Proper aeration encourages the growth of helpful microbes.

  4. Feed the vermicompost tea to plants

    Use the tea to water plants once every seven to 10 days. Apply the solution with the watering can or spray bottle, or use a hose-end sprayer for large garden applications. In addition to adding beneficial nutrients and microbes, the fertilizer also reduces powdery mildew. Vermicompost tea is a safe, organic fertilizer that does not burn plants.