How Do You Make a Duvet Cover?

How Do You Make a Duvet Cover?

To make a duvet cover, measure the duvet, purchase enough fabric to cover the top and bottom, allowing for seams and folds, and sew the cover. Attach hook-and-loop tape to make it easy to remove the duvet so that the cover can be cleaned.

  1. Measure the duvet

    Lay the duvet flat on the floor, and measure its length and width. Add four inches to the length and width to determine the dimensions of the fabric for the top piece of the cover. For the bottom piece, add four inches to the width and ten inches of length to allow for both seams and a pocket.

  2. Purchase the fabric

    A durable cotton fabric is comfortable and easy to clean. Bed sheets can also be used for either the top, the bottom or both.

  3. Sew the open edge of both pieces

    Fold and pin 1 inch of fabric along the bottom edge of the top piece, then fold again to create a smooth, non-fraying edge. Pin and sew the fold in place with coordinating thread. Do the same for the bottom piece, then fold the bottom an additional six inches. Pin this fold in place, but do not sew it.

  4. Sew the top and bottom pieces together

    Lay the top and bottom fabrics on the floor with the right sides together. Pin together the three edges that have not been hemmed. Sew the three pinned edges together first with a short stitch. Sew them again with a zig-zag stitch so it will be durable enough for multiple washings, and the edges will not fray.

  5. Add hook and loop tape

    Sew 1-inch pieces of hook and loop tape about every 10 inches along both the top and bottom of the edges that have not been sewn. Make sure the pieces are firmly attached.

  6. Flip cover right side out

    Turn the cover right side out, and put the duvet cover into it. Wrap the 6-inch pocket around the duvet to keep it in place, then attach the corresponding pieces of hook and loop tape.