How Do You Make a Dutch Door?


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Dutch doors are doors with bottom and top halves that open separately. Make a Dutch door for your home by converting it from a solid door. This project requires several hours, a drill, wood filler, sandpaper, sawhorses, tape measure, marker, straightedge, circular saw, wood router, utility knife, a hinge, screwdriver, hacksaw, metal astragal, slide bolt and weatherstripping.

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  1. Cut the solid door

    Place the solid door on two sawhorses. Measure 3.25 inches up from the handle and draw a horizontal line bisecting the width of the door. Use the circular saw to cut along the horizontal line.

  2. Install the hinges

    Measure 6 inches from the top and the bottom of the door, and mark the locations. Drill holes into the locations, and install the hinges. Use a router to make an indentation in the door for the new hinges. Follow the same process for the hinges in the doorframe.

  3. Install the astragal

    Cut a metal astragal or molding that is 6 inches shorter than the width of the door. Attach the molding to the bottom of the top half of the door using screws.

  4. Attach a bolt

    Attach a bolt to the door, with the bolt on the top half and the bolt lock on the bottom half so that the door can be locked together. Add weatherstripping as needed.

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