How Do I Make a Drywall Lift?

A wooden drywall lift can be made using pieces of lumber that are 2 inches thick by 4 inches wide. This lift project also requires screws, an electric screwdriver, a saw and a measuring tape. The first step when creating a drywall lift is to measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor.

Measuring the distance determines the length of one of the pieces of wood. Once this first piece of lumber is cut to size, cut another 3-foot section of wood. This piece is the brace for the drywall. Once this 3-foot section is cut, attach it to the longer piece of wood using the screws and the electric screwdriver. Attach the 3-foot section of lumber so the widest side is perpendicular to the end of the longer piece of wood. If done correctly, the two pieces of wood form a T-shape. It is recommended to have a partner help place the drywall sheet using the homemade drywall lift.

Once the lift is made, have a partner help lift the drywall sheet into place on the ceiling. Once the drywall is placed, wedge the drywall lift beneath the drywall sheet while making sure the top portion of the T-shape is used to brace the sheet. Install the drywall sheet using drywall nails, and move the brace to support the drywall as the installation progresses.